Furnace Preventative Maintenance Plan


What's Included In This Maintenance Plan?

Our annual furnace preventative maintenance plan includes checkups, replacements, adjustments, and basic cleaning. Let us ensure that your equipment is running up to manufacturer specifications. An annual maintenance plan can help detect hazardous carbon monoxide leaks from your natural gas equipment. As well as, prolong the lifespan of your natural gas equipment and help us detect potential breakdowns before they happen.

  • Check-ups

    It’s important to check on your furnace annually to make sure it’s functioning properly for the upcoming season. With our preventative maintenance plan we will check motors, belts, the alignment of all bearings, voltage levels, safety controls, and carbon monoxide safety.

  • Replacements & Adjustments

    When checking your furnace we may come across some issues that need repair and replacement. This can include your filter, heat exchange, gas valves, thermostats or batteries. Our maintenance plan allows our technicians to run their test and make the necessary replacements or adjustments.

  • Cleaning

    From time to time, our furnaces may just need a little clean up. If applicable, our maintenance plan will cover flame sensor cleaning, condensate drain cleaning and general lubrication of all motors.

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