2Cool Preventative Maintenance Plan


What's Included?

We will ensure that your equipment is running up to it’s best ability. Our maintenance plans include checkups, replacements, adjustments, and basic cleaning. manufacturer specifications. Consequently, An annual maintenance plan can help detect hazardous carbon monoxide leaks from your natural gas equipment. As well as, prolong the lifespan of your natural gas equipment and help us detect potential breakdowns before they happen.

  • Checkups

    Our maintenance plans will help to prevent your air conditioning unit from shutting down. Thus, our technicians will check motors, belts, pulleys, voltage levels, safety controls, fuses, condenser, compressor, evaporator coils, and the alignment of all bearings

  • Replacements & Adjustments

    When our expert technicians check on your air conditioning unit, it may require some replacements or adjustments. This could include filter changes or adjusting refrigerant pressure.

  • Cleaning

    With every 2cool Preventative Maintenance plan, our technicians will change your filtration, brush condenser coils and lubricate its motor (if applicable)